Patrons ad in Art In America magazine. Annual Edition 2006 pg , listing pg
06.29.........Patrons advertisement in San Francisco Arts Monthly magazine page 4
05.08.........Patrons has added three new artists to our guild, Asa Mathat, Ed Gafford & Thao Duong
04.07.........Great show opening, 150+ attendance.  Photos & quick review: Art Business
03.29.........Patrons of Art  advertisement in San Francisco Arts Monthly magazine page


10.20-29........             "Absolutely Abstract" Guild Show for member artists

08.24-09.21..                "Synergy"  Artists In Residence Julia d'Arcy & Nils Krueger joint show
07.21-23....                "Tribute to Dantes Divine Comedy" call for artist show..Part One

04.07-13...                 "A Sense of Science"
Guild show and special guests see highlights

Patrons of Art

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Hello Art Lovers,
        I am happy to list our announcements over to
the side, and will try to get to all of the news
relative to our member artists.  They are always
going gang busters and being juried in all over the
place, most recently Ione Citrin was juried in at the
54th annual Haggin Art Museum competition
and is
on display there from Aug.24-Sept.17th

 Also making news is our talented Juan B. Plaza
aka as the good Doctor Wiggls...who will be
showing in the Boca Raton Art Mueseum from
Aug. 3 to Sept.1